Certificates of Inspection

In Queensland all trucks over 4.5 tonne GVM and trailers/caravans over 3.5 tonne ATM must have a Certificate of Inspection carried out every year by an AIS (Authorised Inspection Station).

Mobile Safety Inspections is a QLD Transport Approved  AIS with a special licence that allows us to operate as a fully authorised mobile inspection unit. We can carry out annual inspections at your site for:

  • Registered Trucks (4.5 tonne to 16 tonne )
  • Registered Trailers/5th Wheelers (3.5 tonne to 10 tonne)
  • Registered Motorhomes (4.5 tonne to 16 tonne)
  • Unregistered Trucks and Trailers (any size)

All registered heavy trucks and trailers must lodge a current COI with QLD Transport each year.  Two months prior to the current COI expiring you’ll receive a renewal letter from QLD Transport letting you know the expiry date for your COI and advising you to contact an AIS (Authorised Inspection Station) to obtain a current COI prior to its expiry date.

COI’s must not be done more than 30 days prior to the expiry date on your renewal notice.

Lodge your COI with QLD transport on or before its expiry date as there are hefty fines for driving without a current COI.

Book your truck in with us when your renewal notice arrives so you won’t miss that expiry date.


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